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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  August 8, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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the package to bring tax incentives for the harbor point project will be built in this area right over here and was approved by a vote of 3-0. but it didn't come without a big protest. take a look at some of the video, giving you an idea of the scope of this project out here. the harbor point project will transform about 27 acres of waterfront property into the new headquarters of exelon corpse and bring in hundreds of apartments and restaurants. mayor stephanie rawlings blake is behind this project. she and other supporters of the measure say it's one of the most significant downtown development projects in years that would bring in hundreds of construction jobs and bring a workable, liveable neighborhood. but critics say the money in public financing to build roads, sewers and other infrastructure will take away money from city schools and would hurt the poor and city neighborhoods. >> the greater baltimore committee, their executive committee gave a tepid support, but also thought the test needed to be seriously reduced and the build organization is
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saying we think the tiff needs to be reduced, that there's too much fat in it and it doesn't benefit the entire city as it should. >>reporter: >>report this, critics say it c leave huge vacancies in the heart of the city. the passage didn't come without protest from the city's taxation committee and heard 10 hours of testimony from groups and other individuals that are opposed to the project. the next step is a second reading on the proposal. if it gets through that, what will happen next is that it will go to a third reading and then a full vote on the city council. reporting live from downtown. happening today, sentencing for the man convicted of killing his wife, you may remember back in april robert jarrett was found guilty of choking his wife to death. prosecutors say he killed her back in 1991, buried her body in the back yard of his elkridge home and built a shed over it. her remains were found last april. abc 2 investigation now,
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congressman elijah cummings, his office is operating normally today after a scare. yesterday afternoon one of the staff members saw something suspicious and then called police. they shut down the entire building and police say they found something that was designed to look like a threat. >> it was clearly an effort to at least make it appear that there was some type of explosive device at the door. >> congressman cummings says that he is accustomed to receiving threats, but they rarely escalate to this point of a scare. we're at the live desk now for you, following a wildfire raging out of control at extreme speeds in southern california, threatening three communities where people were evacuated and apparently burning down at least two homes. that fire broke out around 2:00 yesterday afternoon, then four hours later surged to eight square miles. thanks to dry and windy conditions in socal, more than 400 firefighters, five helicopters and air tanking planes worked ahead of those flames. in the riverside county near banning, that's also near los angeles, trying to get ahead of
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the fire, cameras were rolling as five buildings burned in isolated areas. at least two of them appear to be houses. however, fire officials have yet to confirm exactly what's burned down so far. and to make matters worse, about 30 miles to the southwest of this fire, firefighters are working on an 1,100-acre wildfire that's been burning since monday. that fire is said to be about 80% contained. they expect to have that one fully contained by tomorrow. in our democracy 2013 coverage this morning, lieutenant governor anthony brown is getting re support in his bid for governor. he's expected to pick up an endorsement today from the labor unions of north america. this is expected to happen at noon at the baltimore training fund on wilkins avenue. more details about maryland's tax-free week. comptroller peter francha will hold a news conference at lech:30 at towson town center. tax-free week begins sunday, it runs through saturday, august 17th, and during tax-free week, qualifying shoes, clothing,
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priced less than $100 will be exempt from maryland's 6% sales tax. megan? >> yes. >> we didn't win. >> i know. >> looks like you will have to report to work this morning just as we did. those winning lottery tickets for the powerball, there were three of them, but none of them here in maryland. two in jersey, one was in minnesota, so right before the drawing the jackpot had grown to $448 million and here are the winning numbers, 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and the powerball was 32. lele of -- lynette. all right, charley, we got a lot of rain this morning, but we do have that patchy fog out there. i'll tell you when the rain moves in and when the fog moves out. that's all coming up. >>reporter: well, lynette, fortunately no delays here on 97 just south of the beltway. i'll show you what the other main lines look like and i'll have the latest drive times for you all coming up on "good morning maryland." beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep.
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this is storm chasing video out of starbuck, minnesota, clear skies produced by the rainbow and colorful clouds. the storms cleared these unusual clouds filling the sky. lynette, you told us before, these are pretty common occurrences after a storm system rolls through. >> exactly. momentus clouds. they're like udders of cows that they look like. >> what?
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>> exactly. and a lot of people think they're like gloom and dpoom type clouds. they're not. they're what you see with sinking air. >> they're really incredible. >> exactly. that's what they're called. look it up. i know you'll google it. rrt, guys, all right, guys, we'll definitely start the day out on a foggy note. look at this shot here, looking at the inner harbor downtown, and we are going to be seeing plenty of clouds across the area this morning. and this is going to continue right through the morning hours. we might see a few peeks of sunshine as we go throughout the day, but all in all today will be much like it was yesterday with the showers and thunderstorms still possible. so another unsettled weather pattern on tap for us. as we look at the satellite and radar, we see the clouds, we see the rumbles of thunder and the lightning that rolled through overnight, and back off towards the west once again, same areas, central plains still getting hit with lots of thunderstorms this morning and they do have the potential for severe weather and all that will linger right into the tennessee valley for today. at the surface we're waiting
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for this cold front to move through. behind it, it will be bringing in some dryer air. but the only thing with this cold front is that it's a slow mover and ahead of this cold front, boy are we going to be humid. we are in that warm sector. usually when you're in that warm sector, that's when you have the potential for the showers and thunderstorms and that's exactly what's going to be happening for today. temperatures this morning coming in right around 69 degrees in westminster. arbutis is at 70 degrees right now, annapolis at 74. 74 degrees in churchville, 68 degrees in centreville and good morning to you easton, you're at 74 degrees. these temperatures are on the warm side this morning. and then we sprinkle in a little bit of the muggies and we are not feeling comfortable at all. that will continue right through the day. abc 2's most accurate futuretrend does go into motion and it does pick up on some scattered showers as we go into the afternoon time frame. then it picks it up as we go towards tomorrow as well. so by the end of the week we are going to end on a soggy note once again, still some thunderstorms in the forecast. we really won't be out of the woods until next week when we
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start to have high pressure build back in. so in the meantime definitely go to our website, download the storm shield weather app, if anything does go severe for today in your neighborhood, it will keep you abreast of the situation and keep you safe. as we look at the planner, maybe if you're going to do a little jogging today, just keep your eye to the sky. we will have those off and on showers like we have for the last several days. that continues right into sunday and then we dry things out as we head into the beginning of next week. let's get a check of the traffic now with lauren. >>reporter: lynette, storms from last night gone, but in carroll county a downed tree you'll want to watch out for, route 97 at hood mill road. if you are using 795, there's nothing to worry about as you make the push from westminster to owens mills boulevard. it will remain clear as you make the push down to 695. speaking of the beltway, here's what the west side looks like at baltimore national pike. inner loop clear all the way up to liberty road. the outer loop, here's a look at the latest drive times. it's going to take you 11 minutes to get you from 795 down to 95. the outer loop will remain
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clear over on the west side with just an 11-minute trip to get from 95 up to 83. no problems through the fort mchenry tunnel and the harbor tunnel just fine as well. green drive times. despite all of that construction. northbound from 95 all the way up to the harbor tunnel toll plaza. that is your time saver traffic. car seats help save lives but only if they're used correctly. >> the group maryland kids and safety seats is offering free inspections and demonstrations in hartford county and experts look at everything from car seat size to installation recalls, you name it. and the tips they offer could help save a child's life. >> we want parents to know how to best protect their child. so by coming to a certified technician, they learn all the tricks of the trade, they learn the right way to do it. we can break down their car seat instructions for them and teach them how to actually protect their child >> there was a lot i didn't know that they went over. they were really informative and anything i could have ever wanted to know. >> there are a few free inspection dates coming up. we've got them posted for you,
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locations, times and dates under the maryland section at now to a story that is sparking a lot of debate on social media. >> should restaurants be more tolerant when it comes to kids? washington restaurant owner says she's running a business, not a day care. she posted a photo on facebook of a messy area where a family left behind in her cafe. that picture went viral and now she and her shop are under attack online. >> somebody on facebook threatened to have me dragged behind their truck. i've had people threaten to picket my business. >> the owner says she will not offer an apology. she says the mother is still welcome to come to the restaurant, just without her children. caught on camera, dramatic video of a car crash. >> stay with us this morning, we'll show you the incredible pictures. we'll tell you how the driver is doing this morning. it's not ghost, but ghosts catching the attention at a d.c. cemetery. see what these four-legged kreechs are up to and it's
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getting a lot of attention.
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at one point firefighters had to evacuate and fight it from the outside. this is happening around 8:00 yesterday morning. no one was injured. the owner says he's going to rebuild. a fire at west north avenue. crews had to rescue a dad and his son on the third fwhroor of an apartment yesterday afternoon. they were treated for smoke inhalation. no idea yet how this fire started. caught on surveillance camera, a man crashes his rental car into a gas station in ohio. that car flipped over a number of pylons that were meant to protect the pumps and landed on a bus bench. unreal. surprisingly you see the driver is okay, climbed out of the car and then hailed a cab. no one was hurt. heavy rains now causing flooding problems in birmingham, alabama. roads are deemed impassable. some people are wading through water up to their knees and the rain is not over yet. thunderstorms are expected to continue there in the southern part of the u.s. through the weekend. we saw some rain here yesterday. we certainly heard it overnight and i know as you head out the door you're wondering if it's another repeat today. >> all right, lynette, what do
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you got? >> yes, guys, we're going to see another repeat for today. we're still in that unsettled weather pattern. we do still have potential for the showers and thunderstorms as we go through this morning and also as we go into the afternoon. the good news i can deliver to you is that it's not going to be an all day event, it's going to be an off and on type of scenario. as we look at the satellite and radar, this is the batch of thunderstorms that rolled through yesterday and, yes, we did have some severe warnings on it in baltimore county and also carroll county. we had some downed trees in carroll county, gusty winds, also large hail. but this morning what we're dealing with is the patchy fog. that's our biggest concern. we do have lots of moisture that we're working with once again. so we're looking at the dewpoints and the dewpoint levels, they are up there. we are talking about the 70s. when we get into the 70s, that's when we're uncomfortable, that's when we're dealing with that really sultry air. we can see ellicott city coming in at 70, 71 in glen burnie, also baltimore city, perry hall at 70. more of the same in chestertown and 71 in annapolis. so the dewpoint is going to make it feel very uncomfortable as we go throughout the day, very muggy.
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in terms of temperatures this morning, we are well above average once again. look at chestertown, 77 degrees already. it's 70 in perry hall, 75 in baltimore city and annapolis coming in at 75 as well. so as you step out the door this morning, no need for that jacket. remember how we needed a jacket or a light sweater? those days are gone for now. as you step out and about for today, maybe want to play a little golf because you're just a golf nut, you can squeak it in for today, just make sure you do keep your eye to the sky. the patchy fog this morning will be out of here as we head towards 10:00. and, again, by lunchtime, that's when we do have the possibility for more showers to roll in coming in right around 83 degrees. let's get a check of the traffic now with lauren. >>reporter: got to squeak that game of golf in early, lynette, so you don't get all wet on that course. if you are traveling in chairl county, we do have a downed tree to watch out for in sikesville on route 97 at hood mill road. as we look at the main lines, you're going to like this, 83 in hunt valley 63 miles per hour southbound at schwann road. nice and clear as you make the push down to the beltway.
5:19 am
93 in white marsh, here's a look at route 43. no problems getting into the city. from the harbor tunnel thruway all the way down to the fort mchenry toll plaza, you're looking at a normal six-minute ride and the beltway free of delays here at the key bridge. it'll take 12 minutes on the outer loop from 95 up to 83. that is your time saver traffic. >>reporter: good morning. topping "america's money," another megabank in trouble with the governmease says it's criminal probe by the justice department over bad mortgages. earlier this week the government sued bank of america also over messy mortgages. and there's a new toyota recall. front seat belts may malfoundation in tacoma access cab pickups. it remains from 2004 to 2011. 342,000 trucks are affected. toyota isn't contacting owners and promising free repairs. front end crash tests released overnight and half the cars tested did well including the honda civic, dodge dart and ford focus. the b.w. beetle got marginal ratings. big news about bacon that's
5:20 am
tough to swallow. prices have soared to an all- time high as a mysterious and deadly virus spreads through pig farms. prices are 14% higher than this time just last summer. that's "america's money," have a great day, everyone, i'm diana perez. quite a sight in washington d.c. >> it's not everyday you see a group of goats graze on the capitol hill yard. they're landscaping. washington's historic congressional cemetery is more than a century old, but officials are now worried that invasive ivy and weeds have grown so far out of control they could threaten the trees. so they turned to eco goats. a maryland farm renting out their animals for cheap manual labor. >> why goats? because they're a hoot. we don't have to buy and spread herbicides and pesticides and more importantly it'll prevent the killing of our large trees which cost a fortune to have removed. >> it's not bad for the goats, is it? >> baaa. cemetery officials are saying the goats eat up 1 1/2 acres of weeds and for $4,000
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5:25 am
had one councilmember taking to square. details on that, has a lot of people talking in the city. thanks for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. another thing that has a lot of people talking this morning is the weather. storms last night were pretty powerful. that's a live look down at the inner harbor. lynette, do we still need the umbrella today? >> yes, unfortunately we do, charley. we have the -- we had the thunderstorms last evening and we could be seeing them this evening as well. right now as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, we are nice and dry, the round has already pushed out of here, brought large hail and also damaging winds. but as we look to the south this morning, we've been dealing with just a few showers around st. mary's county, just to the south of d.c. those are diminishing as well. so right now we're pretty much dry. what we're dealing with is the patchy fog in some areas. so let's talk about where these areas are. in middletown owens mills definitely, a couple of areas, we can see the humidity is is at 100%. so that means that air is saturated. the temperature right now in middletown coming in at 68 degrees, 69 in owens mills and
5:26 am
pylesville coming in right around 67 degrees. so these temperatures are still above average. we do have those clouds out there and you know the clouds act like a blanket. that's why the temperatures really not able to drop off early in the morning. they act in reverse in the afternoon. we will have some clouds around once again for today, but we could get a few peeks of sunshine. and once we do that, that's what's really going to destabilize the atmosphere, setting us up for more showers and thunderstorms as we go into the afternoon. now, this is how you plan your day, you're wondering, is it going to be a good biking day. well, it could be. again, we will have the off and on showers scattered in nature as we go throughout the day. but the big story this morning is that patchy fog. it could be dangerous on the roadways. we do have reduced visibility. you definitely need to give yourself enough time as you head out and about. as we we work our way into about 10:00, that temperature coming in about 79 degrees. then by lunchtime the showers are possible with the temperature right around 83. let's get a check of the traffic now with lauren. >>reporter: well, lynette, we are starting off with a live drive here on 95 in howard county. nothing to get in your way as
5:27 am
you do make the push down to d.c. this morning. northbound travel will be clear from route 32 up to the beltway. that stretch will take you the normal 10 minutes. then if you are traveling on 695 here in pikesville, we are dealing with a little bit of fog in the area. do slow down, might need to use those low beams as you do make your way out. but fortunately no problems on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. you're looking at just an 11- minute trip. the beltway will remain clear from parkville all the way up to towson. if you are heading downtown, the jfx, 53 miles per hour southbound at northern parkway. it's going to be nice and clear as you do make the push into the city. and if you are out in carroll county, we do have a downed tree in sikesville, it's on route 97, partially blocking one lane at hood mill road. you can be the first to know about traffic alerts. all you have to do is follow me on twitter at maryland traffic. megan and charley, over to you. happening tonight, two law enforcement officers in howard county will be honored for their bravery. maryland transportation authority police corporal timothy miranday and jonathan solser managed to make arrests
5:28 am
after they were struck and injured by an impaired driver. it happened in elk ridge back in november. county executive ken ohlman will honor the two officers this evening. out at the live desk this morning, we have new information involving a suspected crime spree targeting joggers in the city. we told you about this yesterday on "good morning maryland." the robbers reportedly used a pair of vehicles to pin their victims in with their smart phones. police now say they're looking for a white chevy tahoe reported stolen on the same morning of the attacks. they also say a black toyota camry may have been used as a second car. what's more, that same car may have also been used in a string of 7-11 robberies in baltimore city. >> my mom always told me to be really careful when i'm by myself, but definitely do not wear headphones. >> i don't have my son now because of it. it's worrisome. >> last week those robbers struck three times in less than an hour, attacking three
5:29 am
victims in wyman park and roland park for their phones. in one attack they assaulted a man and the other they threatened to kill a woman. if you have any information about this string of robberies, give police a call. you can remain anonymous with any tips you may have to offer. the votes bring a package of incentives and other tax brakes to the new harbor point project to be built in this area at the old allied signal plant was passed by a 3-0 vote, however, it didn't come without a lot of protests. take a look at what this project will look like here. now, the harbor point project will transform about 27 acres of waterfront property into the new headquarters or exelon corpse and bring in hundreds -- corporation a and bring in apartments and stores. mayor stephanie rawlings blake is is behind this project. she says the measure is the most significant downtown development in years. it would bring in hundreds of construction jobs and create a liveable, workable neighborhood. but critics say the $107 million in public financing to build roads, sewers and other infrastructure will take away ne


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